How to Install and Uninstall Apps from the SharePoint Store on Office 365

The other day I was giving a friend of mine who has an existing Office 365 subscription a tour of Instant Consulting Practice. I was a bit surprised that he had never installed an app nor did he know how or what it would do to his site.

Adding an App

There are two ways to add an app. Select Add an app from the gear dropdown or navigate to the Site Contents page and click the add an app icon.

Method 1 – from the gear dropdown

Method 2 – from the Site Contents page

In either case you will see a list of all the various built-in apps available on your SharePoint site. To see the apps available on the marketplace click the SharePoint Store link located on the left side of your screen.

There are many apps in the store organized by category. Select the category from the list on the left and then select the app – in this case Instant Consulting Practice.

Don’t be scared!

Clicking an app doesn’t add it to your site; it takes you to a page where you can learn more about the app before you commit to the installation. Once you feel comfortable, and you are ready, click ADD IT.


You still have a chance to change your mind. Every app contains a policy that tells you what permissions you are giving the app in your site. Instant Consulting Practice and Instant Legal Practice both use the minimum available permissions. To begin the actual installation of the app click Trust It.

The Site Contents page loads and shows that your app is installing. You can still cancel the install if you change your mind!

Once the app package is installed on your site the icon will become solid and you can click it to launch the app.

Some apps need to do additional setup before you can use the app. The Instant Practice Manager products do additional work when the app is launched for the first time and occasionally to deploy updates and fixes.

Once the app is ready the home page displays and you can use the app.

What if I don’t like the app I just installed?

Installing an app from the store is safe because it doesn’t change the site where you install it. Instead, it gets its own site. To get rid of the app, click the link in the upper-left corner of the page to return to your site and then navigate to the Site Contents page.

Next, hover over the app icon, and click the ellipses to display the hover card, click its ellipses, and click Remove.


Removing the app will remove everything you put in the app including any documents you uploaded! You will receive a warning and there is no going back.


If you are into SharePoint you may have read articles or blog posts about the app model. For better or worse most of the restrictions Microsoft has in place in the store are there so that you can feel comfortable installing an app and know that it won’t mess up your site. If you’d like to give it a try, why not go install Instant Consulting Practice or Instant Legal Practice for free?