Replaceable Parameters in Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Projects

Now that the public beta cycle is in full swing the SharePoint blogs will be filling with tens of thousands of posts about the major new features and writers everywhere are buying new ribbons for their type writers. Indeed, this site will feature many new articles soon about amazing technologies heretofore glimpsed only in dreams. However, some of what excites me the most are little things that prove Microsoft heard the lamentations of the SharePoint development community and answered with simple and refined features to make everyday a better day.

Case in point: Replaceable Parameters.

A Replaceable Parameter is a string token bounded by a dollar sign ‘$’ that Visual Studio replaces with an actual value when it packages the solution. For example (from an ASP.NET page):

Visual Studio will replace the $SharePoint.Project.AssemblyFullName$ parameter with the full four-part assembly name when you run a build. This means no more running Reflector and manually copying the value and no more need to manually update version numbers by hand!

You can read about all of the Replaceable Parameters here: