SharePoint Skinner – Yet More New Features

First off, thanks to those of you who have provided feedback so far. I am pleased that you like the tool and your feedback helps make it better! Keep it coming! I want to hear all about your adventures with SharePoint CSS.

One thing a couple of you mentioned was that the new colors tab lacked the before and after colors that the first version had. So, I’ve added this feature to the new version and also provided the ability to sort either by the current or the original color palette!

As before, you can easily revert to an original color by clicking the color swatch.

Here is the default sort.

Here is the same palette ordered by the original color.

I will put up some videos and some themes created using the new version eventually, but before that I have one more set of features that I want to add before Elumenotion SharePoint Skinner can live up to the boast of ‘The Ultimate SharePoint Branding Tool’.