A Tool that Answers the SharePoint Development and Provisioning Riddle

Solving the SharePoint App/Add-in Problem

Today I’m excited to be on the Office 365 Developer Podcast with Jeremy Thake to talk about the release of IQApp Central beta!

IQApp Central is the product of a multi-year effort to build a platform that makes creating, deploying, and managing SharePoint customizations easier. The goal is ambitious – to change the way people build SharePoint farm solutions, apps, and add-ins by offering better tools than they have ever along with a process that works the same on premises as it does in SharePoint Online. IQApp Central codifies everything I and others learned doing and teaching others about SharePoint for the last 8 years and what we at InstantQuick learned developing, maintaining, and operating our popular Instant Consulting Practice and Instant Legal Practice add-ins in the Office 365 Store.

Core to IQApp Central is the IQApp Editor, a set of tools that let you use SharePoint to create reusable solutions and components that are easy to deploy and track. IQApp Editor is backed up by an advanced provisioning platform that provides visibility into what packages are in use, where they are used, and how they are licensed.

Think I must be exaggerating? You can try IQApp Central for free, or watch the getting started videos. There are 6 and it takes less than 45 minutes to watch them all.