The Big Thing That’s Missing from the Visual Studio 2010 Beta SharePoint Projects

Overall I’m pretty happy, ecstatic even, with what Visual Studio 2010 has for SharePoint Development. There is one thing that is conspicuously missing and I don’t understand why: support for ASP.NET pages. There are templates for a few specific types of ASP.NET pages:

The intent for each of these is that you will deploy them as Application Pages. But, what if you want just a plain ASP.NET page that you will deploy to a site via a module? Maybe you need a custom Web Part page, a custom list form, or any custom page that you would like your users to have the ability to customize in SharePoint Designer.

If so, you’ll have to add it to your solution by hand because the SharePoint projects don’t include the stock item template, just the ones shown below.

This deficiency is easy enough to work around manually, but speaking for the type of work we do at Elumenotion, it’s something we do often. Given the overall polish in the templates I personally hope it’s just an omission that they can fix easily and will fix before RTM.