The InstantQuick SharePoint Provisioning Engine is Now Open Source and on GitHub

The InstantQuick SharePoint Provisioning stack is the easiest to use and most complete SharePoint provisioning library currently available. It is the core engine used in the InstantQuick line of products and can read from and provision to SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online.

This repository includes the .NET class libraries we use at InstantQuick and a companion PowerShell module.

Minimal Path to Awesome

  1. Download and Install the PowerShell Module – Setup
  2. Visit the wiki
  3. Pick one of the three samples and follow the instructions

About the Project

InstantQuick SharePoint Provisioning predates Office PnPCore by a couple of years and differs in that it is designed to be a complete and turnkey provisioning engine that is easy to use with minimal setup as opposed to being an extensible demonstration project of the SharePoint Client Object Model and CSOM development patterns. It offers more features out of the box for provisioning including the ability to read and provision Web Part Pages, Wiki Pages, Publishing Pages, and 2010 style workflows against versions of SharePoint that do not support the latest SharePoint Client Object Model API’s by falling back to older API’s as needed.

If it sounds like we are bashing the PnPCore stuff, we aren’t. This project even includes some of its (properly attributed) code! If you are looking for a great library to extend, it might well be a better choice. But we think this one is likely to satisfy most scenarios with less setup and without the need to extend the base functionality (or even understand how it uses the API’s).

As with the Microsoft Patterns and Practices library, InstantQuick SharePoint Provisioning can generate templates by comparing a customized site to a base site. Unlike the PnP engine you can easily include any file in the site (including publishing pages and page layouts) without writing code or otherwise extending the library. It also has the capabilty to provision site hierarchies and to both install and/or remove multiple template manifests as a single operation.


InstantQuick SharePoint Provisioning can read and recreate the following out of the box

  • Webs and subwebs
  • Fields
  • Content Types
  • Lists and Libraries with or without custom views
  • List items
  • Documents
  • Folders
  • Web Part Pages
  • Wiki Pages
  • Publishing Pages
  • Master Pages
  • Page layouts
  • Display templates
  • Composed looks and themes
  • Other arbitrary file types with or without document properties
  • Feature activation and deactivation
  • Permission levels
  • Groups
  • Role assignments (item permissions)
  • Top and left navigation
  • Document templates
  • 2010 Workflows
  • Managed metadata fields and list item values
  • Site, Web, and List custom actions
  • AppWeb navigation surfaces
  • Remote Event Receivers
  • …and more