Tiny Demo (Video) of External Lists and Content Types in SharePoint 2010 Beta

This is the first of many planned tiny demo video tutorials for SharePoint. This one is an introduction to Business Connectivity Services in the SharePoint 2010 Beta.

Please access my blog to view the video.


  1. Open a site in SharePoint Designer 2010
  2. Select External Content Types in the Site Objects panel
  3. Click External Content Type on the ribbon to create a new external content type
  4. Give the type a name
  5. To select a data source click Add Connection
  6. SPD supports .NET, SQL Server, and WCF
  7. Select SQL Server and click OK
  8. Specify the server and database
  9. Accept the default Connect with User’s Identity. The other two choices require Secure Store – a topic for another demo
  10. Click OK
  11. The database appears in the Data Source Explorer
  12. Expand the tree to see the tables
  13. Select a table
  14. Click Create All Operations
  15. A Wizard appears! Click Next
  16. Complete the Wizard taking head of the warnings, especially the one about a Limit filter
  17. Save your work to create the external content type
  18. Click Create Lists & Forms on the ribbon to make a list
  19. Give the list a name and click OK
  20. Navigate to the list and edit an item
  21. Open the table in SQL Server to see that the change was made to the underlying record

Author: Doug Ware