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SharePoint 2010 End User Training Site

I’d like to thank the folks over at fpweb for providing the hosting for my newest SharePoint 2010 site

The site contains over ninety (90) short how-to articles that I wrote to help end users get up to speed on as authors of SharePoint 2010 wikis and publishing sites. I hope you find it useful!

If you would like a copy of the site’s pages as a sandbox solution that you can customize to train your own users, send me an email!

Here is a screen shot of the current version. I still have some branding work to do!

Author: Doug Ware

New Public Classes in Atlanta, November and December

I am pleased to announce that public registration for elumenotion’s SharePoint Developer Beginner and Intermediate boot-camps is open for Atlanta!

These classes are offered in partnership with Dunn Training and Consulting.

Click here to request more information.

Can’t make those dates but still interested? Check out our course catalog and contact us about a private class

I hope to see you there!!!

–Doug Ware

New SharePoint Training Classes in the Course Catalog

I am pleased to announce the addition of four new SharePoint classes to our training catalog. You can read more about them here.

Here is our current catalog:

SharePoint 2007 Development Basics Boot Camp

Intermediate SharePoint 2007 Development Boot Camp

SharePoint 2007 Developer Brain Bomb

Web Content Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

Business Process Automation with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007

We will be posting new dates for fall and winter SharePoint training classes in Atlanta very soon.

Free SharePoint Training at .NET-U

If you are a developer interested in learning more about SharePoint, but don’t know where to start, check out the free course over at .NET University.

There are four modules:

  • Installation
  • What’s New
  • Core Concepts
  • Web Parts

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute to this effort. If you’ve been thinking about taking one of our classes privately or attending the road-show, but need a little taste of my teaching style, check out the Core Concepts video. It’s very high-level, but I think it came out great and I hope you will agree!

–Doug Ware

Announcing the SharePoint Developer Road Show

As promised, we’ve just published dates for the next round of public classes. I’ll be hitting 9 cities over the next few months for a week of hands on SharePoint developer training!

Mar 3-7, Montgomery, AL

Apr 21-25, 2008 Reston, VA

May 12-16, 2008 Denver, CO

May 19-23, 2008 Dallas, TX

Jun 16-20, 2008 San Francisco, CA

Jun 23-27, 2008 Seattle, WA

Jul 14-18, 2008 Chicago, IL

Aug 11-15, 2008 Boston, MA

Aug 18-22, 2008 Philadelphia, PA

Click here to see the syllabus or here to request more information.

Hope to see you there,
–Doug Ware

The AppDev DVD’s are Here!

Last week I received my copies of Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for Developers. I think they turned out great and I can’t say enough about the professionalism and overall goodness of the folks at AppDev!

The final runtime of the video training came in at almost 21 hours which was a little longer than the 16 hours I thought it would fill.

Here is the outline:

Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for Developers


Run Time



20+ hours


Microsoft SharePoint 2007 provides a huge range of functionality including enterprise content management, automation of business processes, and business intelligence and reporting. Although SharePoint is rich in features and capabilities, it involves common concepts and developer tasks that are universal to every type of SharePoint project. This course is designed to provide those who are responsible for customizing and creating new functionality within the platform mastery of these common tasks, including: customization of look and feel through styles, themes, and master pages, controls and web parts, custom pages, creation and deployment of solutions, security, debugging, workflows, custom site definitions, lists, documents libraries, and features. Students who master the contents of this course will possess the knowledge to productively contribute on most types of SharePoint implementation because they will understand the tasks and building blocks required in all types of custom solutions.

Prerequisites: This course is designed for individuals with a working understanding of ASP.NET 2.0 and Visual Studio 2005 tools.

Introduction to SharePoint Development

  • Modes of Development: Configuration, Customization and Solution Development
  • Site Collections and Sites
  • Creating and Customizing Lists and Libraries
  • Using Web Part Pages

Site Columns and Content Types

  • Site Columns
  • Content Types
  • Integrating Site Columns, Content Types, and Lists
  • Using Calendar and Contacts Lists with Outlook 2007

Extending Lists with Office 2007

  • SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Reporting with Access 2007
  • Word 2007 Mail Merges

Authentication and Authorization

  • Authentication Mechanisms
  • Authorization and Permissions
  • Zones

Forms Based Authentication and Anonymous Access

  • Using ASPNetSQLMembershipProvider and ASPNetSQLRoleProvider
  • Configuring Anonymous Access
  • Creating a Custom Membership Provider

SharePoint Architecture

  • IIS, ASP.Net, and SharePoint
  • Page Request Pipeline
  • What Happens When a New Web Application is Created
  • SPVirtualPathProvider and SPPageParserFilter


  • Types of Features
  • Feature Scopes
  • Feature Activation, Dependencies, and Stapling
  • Feature Receivers

Solution Development

  • Creating a Development Environment
  • Creating and Deploying Solutions
  • Common Failure Modes
  • Tools and Techniques to Simplify Package and Deployment

Tagged Document Library Example

  • Provisioning a List with a Feature
  • Creating a Lookup Site Column with a Feature Receiver
  • Automating Solution Deployment
  • Creating Custom List Definitions

Site Definitions

  • Understanding Site Definitions
  • Creating Custom Site Definitions
  • Specify Site Elements and Features Using Onet.xml

Styles and Themes

  • Style Basics
  • Associating Styles with Pages
  • Using and Creating Themes

Master Pages

  • ASP.Net Master Page Basics
  • Master Pages in SharePoint
  • Creating a Custom Master Page

Programming Fundamentals

  • The Microsoft.SharePoint Namespace
  • Deploying Controls
  • Elevation of Privileges
  • Debugging Assemblies
  • Code Access Security

Creating User Controls and Web Parts

  • User Controls
  • Web Parts
  • Delegate Controls

Advanced List Concepts

  • Manipulating Lists and List Items Programmatically
  • Lists and Cross-site queries
  • Events
  • Custom Field Types

Custom Workflows

  • Comparison to SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Workflow basics
  • ASP.Net Based Association, Initiation, and Modification Forms
  • Debugging Workflows
  • Custom Task Content Types and Forms

I’ll be posting dates for new public classes soon. Of course, if you are interested in private classes or consulting you can always ping me at

Now to finish the companion book…