How to Copy Feature Elements in Visual Studio SharePoint Solutions

This is a continuation of the previous post, Save Site As Template + Import SharePoint Solution Package == Love.

Once you’ve extracted your field, content type, and list instance, you are ready to incorporate the element manifests and related resources into your main project. In this example I have a Web Part named HypotheticalPart and a solution named HypotheticalWebPart.

First I need to open the solution’s folder in Windows Explorer.

To review, the solution that contains my other features looks like this:

I open that solution’s folder in a second instance of Windows Explorer and copy the Content Types, Fields, and List instances folders to the clipboard.

And then paste them into the first Explorer window.


To complete the job, I go back to the HypotheticalWebPart solution in Visual Studio and click the Show All Files button in Solution Explorer.

This reveals the folders I copied previously. I simply click each of them and select Include In Project.


That’s it! The feature elements are now in my project and included in my feature.

Author: Doug Ware