IQParts – Cloud App Compatible Web Parts using AngularJS and Bootstrap

We are in the process of releasing three free SharePoint Add-ins from IQApp Central: Absence and Vacation Request Management Site, Board of Directors Site, and AngularJS 1.4 and Bootstrap 3.3 Web Parts. We’ll release all three as side-loaded apps over the next couple weeks for host webs and the first two as SharePoint hosted apps will be available via the Office store. Until then, you can get all three using Free SharePoint Add-Ins page in IQApp Central.

Today I am pleased to introduce AngularJS 1.4 and Bootstrap 3.3 Web Parts. This is a sample created using IQApp Central​. It is a framework that allows for user configurable Web Parts built using SharePopint, AngularJS 1.4 and Bootstrap 3​. ​This sample contains two Web Parts, six sample apps, an extensible configuration system, a template to help you get started with your own apps, and some handy functions to make integrating with SharePoint pages and services easy.

This sample started as an exercise to attempt an ideal design based on the 8 Characteristics of an Ideal SharePoint Customization. Integrating AngularJS and Bootstrap with SharePoint while trying to maximize the 8 ideals is a great challenge because SharePoint and AngularJS are both very assertive, demanding frameworks that want total control over a page and Bootstrap wants to completely own the base styles.

For example, here is a SharePoint page.

And here is the same page with Bootstrap 3’s CSS loaded.

Most projects that use Bootstrap start with a custom master page and end with a complete theme. Naturally this is not an option when you are creating components that, like Web Parts, are expected to work on any site.

Here is one of the sample pages included in AngularJS 1.4 and Bootstrap 3.3 Web Parts. It contains three of the sample apps and has a theme applied. Note how the parts do not break the containing page or the site’s style.


There are a few projects out there that have tackled the configurable Web Part problem including this very good one by Rachid Bouzalmat. This approach works, but it is less than ideal on a couple of counts (based on the 8 Characteristics of an Ideal SharePoint Customization). Specifically it uses jQuery to target particular elements in a SharePoint page. It also depends on the ability to hijack SharePoint’s JavaScript. In the interest of full disclosure, we have code that does both of those things for different reasons. I am just as guilty, just not in the case of this sample!

I will write more about how we implemented our Web Part containers and the configuration system in a future post. In the meantime you can see for yourself how it works by installing the sample. Until then here is a shot of the sample page in design mode.

–Doug Ware

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