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Public Policy and IT

Speaker: Johnathan Zuck

Some of you may have heard the name Jonathan Zuck who was, in his day, a bit of a VB, Smalltalk and Delphi maven, speaking and teaching all over the world. With hundreds of articles, components, 5 MVP awards and a few books to his name, some of the older of you may have learned a lot of programming from him.

After selling his third company 10 years ago, Jonathan became astutely aware of the growing influence politics and public policy were having on the IT industry generally and on small businesses in particular. The Association for Competitive Technology is a trade association that represents small IT companies around the world on issues as far reaching as trade, public procurement, intellectual property protection and overregulation on privacy and online safety. Jonathan and ACT have been devoted to creating an environment which is open to all comers and as free as possible from the kind of bureaucracy that cripples small businesses.

Every day, policies are being discussed in Georgia and around the world that could have an adverse effect on your business including rules for your website, procurement biases in government agencies or internet taxation. You have made various technology decisions for yourself and have invested a great deal of time and money in those technologies to gain expertise and command premium dollars. Politicians are lobbied by big players to enact policies to advance their specific business objectives most often at the expense of your interests. Their size and incumbency lead to policies of stagnation and protectionism that are generally antithetical to entrepreneurship. If politicians create policies that would create a bias against those technologies you would potentially lose some of that hard earned competitive advantage. Very seldom is it a technical decision to do something sweeping but is, instead, more often a political one.

Jonathan is making a few stops here in Georgia to talk about these issues and how they affect you as a businessman or technology professional. Topics of discussion include:

1. Examples of legislation from Georgia and elsewhere that could stifle the potential of your business

2. Technology preferences that could devalue your investment in expertise.

3. Opportunities to become more involved at the right time for maximum impact.

You probably have followed some of this stuff in the news so you might have questions about it as well such as the implications for the ISO vote to accept OOXML as a document standard the role small businesses played in making that happen.

Please join us for a dynamic and informative session about a part of your business and career that often gets overlooked.

About the speaker: Jonathan Zuck | President, Association for Competitive Technology

Jonathan Zuck is a widely known and respected leader in the technology industry. As a professional software developer and IT executive with more than 15 years of experience, Mr. Zuck brings an insider’s perspective to his role as President of the Association for Competitive Technology.

Since assuming leadership of ACT, Mr. Zuck has provided analysis, commentary and background information on a wide range of technology issues to the media, the public and Congress. He has been called on as a technology expert for the major news networks including CNN, CNBC and ABC, he is a frequent contributor to national and local radio news programs, and is consistently quoted in the trade and popular press. A prolific writer whose work has appeared in trade publications including PC Magazine, PC Week, Windows Tech Journal and in several books, Mr. Zuck is in high demand as a speaker at trade conferences around the world.

Just prior to coming on board for ACT, Mr. Zuck served as Director of Technical Services at the Spectrum Technology Group in Washington, D.C., a consulting firm specializing in client/server, Internet and data warehouse solutions development. In 1988, Mr. Zuck founded and served as President of User Friendly, Inc., of Washington, D.C., a company providing consulting and software development services to local businesses. Mr. Zuck also set up U.S. operations for a French software firm where he helped build the company into an $11 million business.

In 1996, Mr. Zuck joined Financial Dynamics as Vice President of Technology, where he set the standard for innovation in technical architecture, career management and employee empowerment. During his tenure, company revenues doubled, and his leadership helped position the firm for a strategic combination with the Spectrum Technology Group in November 1997.

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