Instant Legal Practice



Thank you for your interest in Instant Legal Practice!

There are two versions of this app, the Standard Version, and the Office 365 Marketplace version. Bothe versions run on Office 365 and the pricing for the two is identical. We recommend the Standard Version because it offers significantly more functionality. See here for more information.

Instant Legal Practice was designed for small practices. It has powerful features, but requires almost no setup. The free trial version allows one user and supports tracking clients, matters, documents, meetings and tasks along with time billing and automatic invoice generation.

Invoices use an easily customized Microsoft Word document as a template. Tracking receivables and payments is a snap! Each client and matter includes a OneNote notebook that allows free-form capture of notes and other important pieces of information according to your needs.

The standard version allows unlimited users and adds additional integration with Microsoft Office and SkyDrive Pro. It supports synchronization of contacts, meetings, and tasks with Outlook, mail merge with Outlook and Microsoft Word, and offline document synchronization features that make organizing documents for clients and matters simple and effortless.

This app does not support Internet Explorer 8.0.

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