SharePoint 2010 Sample Sandbox Application – Real Nice Rugs

Way back in 2008 I wrote about my intention to build an ecommerce site on WSS 3.0 – it never happened because I was just too busy. To make up for my failure to deliver on I built one on SharePoint 2010. You can see it here –

The current version is a sandbox deployment running on SharePoint Foundation 2010 Beta and it is a fully functioning storefront that uses PayPal for the checkout process.

The tools I used to create this site are SharePoint Foundation, Visual Studio 2010, SharePoint Designer 2010, and Elumenotion SharePoint Skinner. I will be using this site as a basis for a number of blog posts that will follow. Planned topics include:

  • Defining and Deploying Fields and Content Types with Visual Studio 2010
  • Creating and Deploying Custom Master Pages and Style Sheets
  • Using the Dialog Framework for Popovers
  • Custom Code to Provision the Site
  • Configuring Deployment and Build Steps for Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Projects
  • Building Web Parts for Sandboxed Solutions Part 1 – Simple Part to Hide the Ribbon
  • Building Web Parts for Sandboxed Solutions Part 2 – Web Part for Categories
  • Building Web Parts for Sandboxed Solutions Part 3 – Complex Web Parts – The List Item Display Web Part

This list is tentative and I’ll add more as I go. The reason for this is that the site is still very much a work in progress and it runs on beta software at the moment. Later this month, time permitting, I will add non-sandboxed functionality to support the custom welcome mat functionality.

Here is a screenshot. If you find the series helpful, I hope you’ll consider buying one of Dad’s welcome mats!

Author: Doug Ware