Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WSS 1.1 Released

Well, no sooner do I write that I am not a big fan of VSeWSS that I discover 1.1 is released. I just downloaded it and ran through a few of the reasons why I didn’t like the previous version and why I thought 1.1 CTP showed promise and I have to say after a very cursory review that 1.1 might not suck. In fact, I think it looks pretty good!

It remains to be seen whether I will ditch my personal VS template and wspbuilder in favor of the extensions or if I will find them to be complimentary, but I must say that on the surface VSeWSS 1.1 looks very good indeed! And, if nothing else, the team that makes it has made huge strides in the last few months. Kudos!

You can get the extensions here.