WSS 3.0 SDK Rant

My previous post was a matrix of feature scopes.

Dan Attis pointed me to the SDK page on MSDN, to which I replied, ‘Not a handy matrix!’ That content on the page mentioned was, in fact, the source of the matrix, but I got it from the SDK itself (as in the thing you install). That’s too bad, because there in the comments section in the online version was a comment that ListTemplate can scope to Site. I’ve been working around that non-existent limitation for a long time.

Now, I was curious, when was this comment made? I checked the history on the comment and discovered:

That’s right! Joel Triemstra took the time over a year ago to correct this mistake in the online content and one year later the article is still wrong.

Lessons learned?

  1. Don’t use the SDK installation because it doesn’t include the community comments.
  2. Make corrections where you can, because people will read them, if only online.

I’m very disappointed that it’s still not correct in the article body, but I can testify that there have been many corrections made over the last two SDK editions. So, I give a lot of credit where there are improvements. But, my suggestion to the SDK maintainers is: if you can’t address every comment between releases, find a way to include the comments in the installed library.